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Bonnie Finucan says...
Please let me know where to send my order back for a refund.
31st March 2016 2:54pm
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Carolyn Counts says...
Oct. 29, 2015, invoice # 43143106 and Nov. 11, 2015 invoice # 43742230 I ordered the same Preparedness Platinum Package and on Oct. 29, 2015 ordered Extended Preparedness Platinum Package invoice #43221050 and have received none of them but 2 of them were duplicates. Please refund all orders for a total of $69.00+$69.00+$18.00. I also reordered the same stuff again today. Why are you confusing people by reselling us the same products but we are not getting them? Please refund my money.
20th December 2015 10:20am
hibakugai says...
I recently purchased Darkest Days for $52.06 and I realized I just need that money in my pocket right now, so I would like a full refund
16th August 2015 10:46am
Gavin Barron says...
I still haven\'t received any notification of a refund. I don\'t want to pry but I really need my money back
22nd August 2015 5:35pm
Pat moore says...
I listened to world war waters email video. There was no option to "add to cart" to purchase item related to subject. Please advise.

Pat moore
28th April 2015 7:09am
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