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Troy Albina says...
Hi Alec,
I just ordered darkest Days and when I downloaded it I realized I had already purchased it in January! I would like you to refund the $49 I just charged on 3/25/2015.
25th March 2015 5:52am
Marcia H says...
We were on your website and put in the cc info for the survivor book @ $37 but did not hit submit (as the website is very confusing). I was charged for the book but have not even seen it. This was on Feb 3rd. We have not rec'd the book but are receiving the daily e-mails. When I click contact us this is what comes up. Please advise. Marcia
15th February 2015 9:59am
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Tabitha Knope says...
I ordered Darkest Days for $47.80 as well as Preparedeness Platinum Package for $69.00. I received the book Darkest Days via US Mail but have received no info. on the contents of the Preparedeness Platinum Package to date.
I read through the book, Darkest Days but found no really useable information I had'nt already heard about. since you provide a money back guarantee, I am requesting my money be refunded today. I used ClickBank. Thank You, Tabitha Knope
15th January 2015 1:00pm
John says...
Please send me a link to the Bill White webinar directly. My spam filter is removing it from the massed mailed notice.

4th December 2014 4:09am
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joe rogers says...
I tried to buy alec deacon's doctor book. when I went to my paypal acct other offers came on the screen before I could confirm and pay. I clicked that I did not want the other orders but now I see that they have taken money out of my bank account. I think you should make them rescind these payments so that I don't have stop payment at $35.00 each
24th November 2014 8:28am
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